To-do list!

Changes I want to make to the site... eventually

High priority

(things I will almost certainly do)

✧ Migrate site to Nekoweb, and completely rebuild it so it's easier to navigate and maintain (current priority) ✧

✧ Make the cozy video randomizer use an iframe instead of redirecting to YouTube ✧

✧ Add more content warnings ✧

(there isn't that much content to warn about but still)

✧ Continue reorganizing site ✧

(for example, create a "misc" folder and move all the misc pages in there)

✧ Set the document language on every page ✧

(it's set to EN on the homepage, but I need to get them all. i usually copy paste code to make new pages so every un-set page is an opportunity for language ambiguity to spread. it's an accessibility thang!)

Medium priority

(things I want to do)

✧ Add more visual variety in different parts of the site ✧

because all of my CSS is in-line right now ANYWAYS. Webdev of the year...

✧ Add shrines ✧

me when hangyodon shrine me when vflower shrine

✧ Add a recipes section? ✧

Everybody seeing this needs to know how to make Dead Men Ask No Questions

(role is currently somewhat fulfilled by my monthly digital zine Ailuromancy, which includes a recipe in most issues. Dead Men Ask No Questions coming at some point!)

Low priority

(things that would take a lot more effort but have still crossed my mind)

✧ Learn enough JavaScript to do fun shit ✧

I've added a little bit, see the to-done section!

✧ Add some kind of game element ✧

I know I already have the easter eggs but maybe like a choose your own adventure :)


(things I've done!)

✧ Removed poetry section ~12/23 ✧

Not ready to bare my soul yet!

✧ Added poetry section 12/9/2023 ✧

oooooooooooo iframes

✧ Reorganized site some 12/5/2023 ✧

Mostly just moved the easter eggs to their own folder

✧ Joined a webring 11/2/2023 ✧

Yes, it was Hotline, because I hate putting in effort.

✧ Added a few JS bits 11/7/2023 ✧

Including the random cozy video button and random text on the 404 page. The random link was such a pain in the ass and I literally copy-pasted the code off stack exchange.

✧ Added a page with more random facts about me

(you now DO know my blood type! and my classical temperament! yippee!)

✧ Added an interactive Q+A section and a guestbook! ✧