More fun facts about me!

✧ because why not ✧

General biographic stuff:

Name: Pory [pɔːɹi]

(or just "Ry". pronounced with the same "ory" sound as in "territory". people like to pronounce it like "rye" for some reason.)

Age: 21

Pronouns: he/him, mostly

(please be chill)

Blood type: B+

Height: statistically, probably shorter than you

Personality stuff:

(I think this stuff is kinda hokey from a prescriptive standpoint but some of it has value in being descriptive)

Sign: Virgo

(but I have few Virgo-like traits other than being blunt)


(I get different results if I take the test on different days)

Enneagram: 8w7, but also high in 2,5, and 9

(I don't get it)

Classical temperament: Phlegmatic

Freudian personality style: Phallic-compensative, according to this

(this is actually such a funny result, all things considered)


Music: Soft rock/yacht rock, classic rock, Vocaloid, Lemon Demon

(but I listen to a bunch of different stuff!)

Vocaloids: Flower, Luka, Len

(but they're all lovable!)

Vocaloid producers: Ferry, Utsu-P, inabakumori, NILFRUITS, Mitchie M, Wowaka

(but I've listened to, and enjoyed, lots of different producers!)

Foods: Pasta, burritos, sweet soft things like cake

(but I don't like frosting very much. too much sugar all at once.)

Drinks: Coffee or caramel boba tea, half-sweet half-unsweet tea, water


(I'm pretty casual about most of these)

Digital art

Knitting and not crocheting


Writing poetry and song lyrics

Junk journaling
kind of a new development!

Working on my website

Gaming, but not any cool games

Hobbies I would love to take up:

(but I don't have the time/resources/money for)

Fursuit making

I can draw anthro, but it would be cool to get into the costuming aspect!

Stationery design/sticker making




Diorama-making and miniatures


I've done some of the cheap gunpla kits, but not to any major extent

Other facts:

Current profession: recovering college student

(major: English)

(err... technically I recently finished my last semester but I'm taking a little break because I'm in a position where I can)

Religion: N/A

(religion is very helpful and powerful to a lot of people though!)