fun places to go... fun things to do...

Tired of the confines of this website? Here are some places to dip back into the infinite pool of the internet :)


Pointless Sites!

A big aggregate of fun shit on the internet! I think this thing singlehandedly kept me sane in high school.

The Pudding!

Talks about boring cultural stuff with fun graphics and interactables. Some of it is very broadly fun, but some is a little too video-essay-like imo.


A bunch of fun little webtoys! Goofy shit to waste your time on.

Astrid Dalmady!

A collection of cool text adventures and short fiction (usually a little surreal or creepy). I played through Cactus Blue Motel as a young teenager and I don't think I'll ever forget it.

Orb Farm!

Make a little aquarium in your browser! It runs a little bit weird on some browsers.

TV Tropes!

A wiki of tropes in media. Addictive to read.
CW: contains all sorts of tropes, including those born from ignorance and bias.


Does the Dog Die?

Incredibly considerate content warnings for media!

Goblin Tools!

A set of interactibles to help with understanding and completing tasks, communicating, and other things that neurodivergent folks might have trouble with!


An in-browser pixel art editor. I use the downloadable version for all my pixel art!

Online Sequencer!

A fun little midi maker. Now you too can make shitty midi music!


A more polished free music maker. Has optional AI elements though if that's a no-go for you.

PenPal World!

Find a pen pal! Beautifully hideously dated website.

One More Multiverse

Turn your TTRPG campaign into a remotely-playable JRPG-lookin' thang with custom environments and music and shit. I literally can't wrap my head around this but if you can figure it out it seems OP.

Radio Garden

Listen to radio stations from all over the world from the comfort of your computer. (linked: a north korean station, which consistently plays VERY goofy music for some sick and twisted reason)