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Welcome to Pory's Pixel Emporium!

I'll be adding more as I make them!

pls no hotlink <3 to use these, right click them and save them! Then you can host them on your own website, or use an image host if you need to link it somewhere. Have fun!

Terms of use: You can use these to decorate your blog or webpage! You can use them for themes or for private projects! Don't sell them or use them in paid-for content (like commissioned webpages and games that aren't free-to-play). Don't use them on pages or projects that promote racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, MAPs, or zoos. If you use them in a free project that isn't a webpage or blog, please credit me somewhere!

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Kawaii characters!

a cat with a red bowa pink bunnya goth bunnya white, round doga chunky yellow doga white dog with black earsan angry penguina black cata blue fish man


a pale tan envelopea white envelopea greyish white envelopea pale pink envelopea pale purple envelopea pale teal envelopea pale green envelopea pale yellow envelopea pale orange envelopea pale red envelope
a tan envelopea grey envelopea pink envelopea purple envelopea teal envelopea green envelopea yellow envelopean orange envelopea red envelope
a white envelope with a heart seala white envelope with a heart insidea pink envelope with a heart seala pink envelope with a heart insidea pale purple envelope with a star insidea purple envelope with a star inside

15x15px. I made these for the chatbox on the home page, but they can go here too!


Content warning for generic creepiness: bones, eyeballs, etc.