Cool folks!

It's me! Use these buttons to link to me on your website!
Pls no hotlink...

My... ahem... VERY good friend Norman

Norman does not do the old web thing as much but I did whip 'em up this crackin' SpaceHey theme sooooo
and also they're very cool and kind and sweet and cute and and and and-


Cool, good looking site with fun, data-hoardy stuff thanklessly maintained by a kindly media snob!
A media snob that doesn't even have a fun lil button. smh...
Also, enough of a snob for this to NOT be a neocities but instead be an ACTUAL honest-to-god website.


A website by a plant... who is friend-shaped.
The site's creator is more active on other socials tho...
*clones website clones website*

Cool, beautifully crunchy site from a SpaceHey friend. This was weirdly a big inspiration for my own.
Has way more frogs than mine though so...

“jasmine's journal”

Wonderfully crafted website and very cute website from a Spacehey Friend!
Also not a Neocities, but this person Knows How To Build A Website!


For balance, a website from someone who does NOT know what she's doing (affectionate)
SUPER cool and nice person, though!

Very cool, usable, and aesthetic site from a SpaceHey Friend!