Creative log!

I make a lot of dumb little spur-of-the moment things that I never end up mentioning.
Here's where they go to die... or maybe live?

all dates in silly america format because i'm american

3-20-24: I made a little song. I'm also working on something RIGHT NOW that'll maybe be something really fun. Stay tuned...

2-25-24: I've been doing more of the same: engaging in whatever random nothing I can get up to. It looks like, for reasons largely beyond my control, my NEET era will be longer than anticipated. Oh well. I've been trying to make a point n click game (apparently mentioned below) for this site but can't figure it out, I've been upcycling an old toy chest into a fun storage bench, and I've been trying to customize an old Monster High doll (to little success). I need to do more junk journaling, though...

1-13-24: I'm still alive! I've been dabbling in a bunch of creative stuff but have nothing big to show for it (ain't that the way). I've been junk journaling, pen paling a little, making digital art, and having very big ideas that I haven't had the moxie to see through. Sometimes I feel like I have a fridge and pantry full of delicious ingredients and I'm getting so overwhelmed by all the delicious meals I could be making that I end up just snacking. But metaphorically. Right now I've found myself in a bit of a purgatory situation when it comes to life after college, so I have all the time in the world.

I've made some assets for an Oyasumi Mahou point and click game, but the guts of gamedev are too intimidating for me to jump in with wild abandon. I have a bajillion songs that I want to make tangible, but music recording and production seems like a massive can of worms right now (even though I know HOW it could be done). I'm having ideas for zines and comics and videos that just aren't all the way captivating enough for me to see through. But I'm doing a bunch of things that aren't "making content", and ultimately, I'm not entirely upset about it :)

11-2-23: This last semester of college is KICKING my ASS. Anyways, as a reward to myself for finishing a scary paper I've done some housewarming stuff around the site. There's a new cool links page because I felt weird having both my darling partner love of my life and some random webmasters I've never interacted with on the same "Cool Folks" page. I also joined hotline webring because the barrier of entry is literally nonexistent. Yippee!

10-6-23: I swear that I'm still alive, I'm just having to devote my ENTIRE BRAIN to college. In lieu of a creative update, have a list of site aspirations:
-Add more links, possibly join a webring
-add more stuff! especially more fun stuff! maybe some of my poetry?
-make the place cozier. somehow.

9-15-23: Aww shit, here we go again. I used to do a smidge of conlanging as a kid (like kids do) and I'm having the urge again. I saw Agma Schwa's video on a hand-tappin'-based conlang last night and, of course, my brain went "umm ackshually" and started making up something I liked better (I'd had the idea before but it hadn't ever precipitated into formality. Ya know.) Anyways if you wanna see me work on a horrible linguistic mockery in real time (and inevitably abandon it in a few days' time) you are more than welcome to pantopticon my google doc here.

9-11-23: Aw nuts I've been forgetting to update. This past weekend-now I finished(?) the VRC world (and learned about compressing textures), tried to make my own Picrew, rage quit when I learned how tedious the upload process is, tidied up my SpaceHey, and uhhhhh that's about it. finally. Oh also my friend Buns and my VERY good "friend" Norman got done doing the VA for OyaMa episode 1. In line with the media creation zeitgeist du jour (oh my) it'll clock in at 59 seconds. I hope. Short form video is for chumps but I, alas, am a chump. Ok now I'm done if you have any pets or loved ones let them know how much you care about 'em :)

9-6-23: Started working on a new VRC world this past weekend. I did the fun thing where you import something for a different version and it completely borks it... TWICE. Back on that grind now, give offerings to the Unity gods, the spirits of Udon, and the saints of the VRCCC.

9-2-23: Just discovered the beautiful image-rendering=pixelated quality in CSS. Pixel art is now properly edgy, especially on front page. Also, Bun's Oyasumi Mahou part has been recorded for Ep 1! We did a goofy faux-interview in character to warm up that turned out REALLY funny. If OyaMa ever gets off the ground, it'll become exclusive animated bonus content (which Buns and I simultaneously thought of).

8-30-23: Added several Oyasumi Mahou characters to my There's a bit of lore on there, and a little blurb touching on every character- just through the eyes of just a few characters. I've also roped my *ahem* VERY good friend Norman and my wonderful friend Buns [who is not on any old (or really new) web] to do a little VA work for the first real episode. Norman has done a little VA before (and if you need a cool small-time VA for your project you should consider their services) but Buns is completely green... but Bunami is kinda based on them a little bit and they're the only fem-voiced person I know to drag in. So we'll see if I can wrangle everybody, steal their voices, and make some lil dudes move by this time next week! Heeeeeeeeeere's hopin'!

Also I HATE the TikToks but I might make one to throw these on there... I've got 'em on Shorts n Reels, might as well go ahead n step up to bat.

8-29-23: Re: brainworm: made a... test? pilot? of Oyasumi Mahou. Still have not officially called it Oyasumi Mahou anywhere because... the name makes more sense with context the viewer does not yet have. I'm gonna be making it as a series of short-form vertical videos because I'm a filthy Gen Zer and I actually want people to see this... if you wanna take a gander, check out my YouTube or Instagram because I'm TOO LAZY to include an a tag here :,3
also my birthday is coming up soon. yippee!!

8-23-23: Have been having a horrible brain worm to make a little animated series with some cute little characters I've been making. The premise: in a world where people sleep to generate the magic that runs their world, one little bunny has insomnia. The only tool I'm confident in animating with right now is my pixel art program though... but I might play around and see if I can figure something else out!

Mental exercise for the reader: if I named the series Oyasumi Mahou, would it still be a horrible weeb move if the units of magic themselves were called "mahou"? Is a filthy American southerner naming their English series in romanized Japanese a cancellable offense in the current zeitgeist? Much to consider...

Also, it's my last semester of my senior year of college and I have 5 million capstone projects due by December anyways... so maybe I should calm down... unless I can make this INTO a capstone project??? >:3

8-19-23: Finally finished up a web tree navigation structure that I probably won't have to mess with again. Knock on wood. Also I made a group of VRChat users who also use SpaceHey, which is weirdly many people.

8-16-23: This is truly a magical era we live in! I'm updating this site from my phone (autocorrect hates me) (of course I don't want to type "div I'd"). I've added instructions for mobile users to get the best out of the site (if I were smarter I could probably implement it myself in-site but whatever). I'll be restructuring the site some, probably making a layout tree with page hubs and adding an easter egg or two. If I can get off my cozy ass and grab my laptop, I might do unique theming for some of the pages. Everything here is inline CSS anyways because I hate efficiency and love load times >:)

8-15-23: Downloaded the game engine Godot. Remembered quickly that I haven't coded anything but mild html/css since high school. Made a stupid little "game" called "This is Poop". I intend to improve this until it's a game and not a "game". I've got bigger ideas, but Poop is a good start.